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14292[PrimeNumbers] Re: Modification of PFGW

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  • mikeoakes2@aol.com
    Dec 31, 2003
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      In a message dated 29/12/03 23:17:04 GMT Standard Time, grostoon@...

      > I agree with you that for huge N, computing b^((N-1)/2)%N instead of
      > b^(N-1)%N result in a negligible time gain.
      > But what if you consider the accuracy of the test itself rather than
      > the time it takes : why just doing a basic fermat prp test ?
      > Maybe I'm missing something but I believed that a strong probable
      > prime test (rabin-miller's prp test) was more accurate than the
      > simple fermat's test (and not much difficult to implement). Am I
      > wrong ?

      It seems that there isn't a generally available/free implementation of the
      Miller-Rabin SPRP test.

      I asked about this in another forum last July - see
      and the subsequent correspondence.

      The consensus (which I don't endorse) seemed to be that it wasn't worth
      adding it to PFGW as an option, for example.

      -Mike Oakes

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