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14270Re: [PrimeNumbers] Modification of PFGW

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  • mikeoakes2@aol.com
    Dec 24, 2003
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      In a message dated 23/12/03 22:00:27 GMT Standard Time, cemmanu@...

      > I've been asking of Chris Nash ( I presume that he is very busy) to modify
      > PFGW to check for Carol/Kynea numbers for a while now....Can anyone modify
      > PFGW to do b^((N-1)/2)%N rather than b^(N-1)%N? There is even a faster way (I
      > think) I can let it calculate b^((N-1)/2)%N (with a basic for loop)....

      You do realize, do you, that for N = 2^1000000-1 (for example), "to do
      b^((N-1)/2)%N rather than b^(N-1)%N" takes 999999 rather than 1000000 FFTs; in other
      words, there is a negligible difference in execution time.

      PFGW is already a highly optimized and efficient program; so if you think
      simple ideas involving "a basic for loop" are going to make it faster, you are
      probably mistaken.

      The proper forum for this discussion is really the primeform group, or, for
      implementation issues, openpfgw.

      -Mike Oakes

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