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14132RE: [PrimeNumbers] Warming up process

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  • Paul Leyland
    Dec 5 4:08 AM
      > > like you to find some non-trivial solutions a la Paul Leyland and
      > > possibly even a formula to generate the solutions. (or even
      > You ask for three integers, A,B,C, which are in arithmetic
      > progression,
      > and for which xA^3, yB^3 and zC^3 are all fourth powers.
      > There's nothing
      > magical about it.
      > Take *any* three A,B,C in arithmetic progression. Then there are

      I would claim that my solution was completely trivial also. It took me
      well under five seconds to find it.

      The arithmetic progression consisted of the values -1, 0, 1. Multiplying
      these respectively a negative 4th power, any integer and a positive 4th power
      yields a solution to the problem as posed.

      Yes, we have undoubtedly been trolled.

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