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14101Re: [PrimeNumbers] Help Needed Regarding Turing Machine!!!

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  • mikeoakes2@aol.com
    Dec 1, 2003
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      In a message dated 01/12/03 06:50:55 GMT Standard Time, psypher007@...

      > I need a turing machine for the generation of the
      > prime numbers. Is there anyone who can send me the
      > picture format of the turing machine, I would be
      > grateful...

      This isn't a very clear question.
      The original Turing machine is equivalent to any PC, apart from the
      finiteness of the latter's storage.

      So you could be asking for a /program/ to generate the primes, in which case
      one could point to enumeration of the successive integers plus trial
      factorisation as a guaranteed method, with sieve of Eratosthenes technology as a
      speed-up, and so on.

      If you want a set of instructions for the original type of TM, viz. a
      read/write/erase head moving left and right over an infinite tape, then you will need
      a lot of patience! as the execution times of such a machine, even for much
      simpler algorithmic tasks, are horrendous.
      Why would you want that?

      -Mike Oakes

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