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13963Re: Infinite primes-> a Turing Machine prime sieve that never stops?

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  • Andrew Swallow
    Nov 4, 2003
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      All that is fair enough, although if I was feeling cynical I'd read
      that post as "I don't know what infinite primes are, but it sounds

      Perhaps before we bother ourselves with what infinite primes might be,
      we should instead concentrate our efforts on persuading the apparently
      unpersuadeable that Euclid's proof is correct. I can understand how
      arguments about Cantor's ideas can arise, since the whole concept of
      uncountability is a sticky area to get used to. But Euclid's proof?

      You seem either unwilling or unable to explain what your problem is
      with this ridiculously simple method. The only post in which you've
      tried to explain has (purposefully?) pushed the theory to a point
      where an inexperienced amateur would worry that something was wrong.
      Those of us with some experience pretty much instantly pointed out
      just how rubbish your arguments were. Please explain!

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