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13188Re: [PrimeNumbers] Re: Prime Number Progresions

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  • Gary Chaffey
    Aug 6, 2003
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      --- Mark Underwood <mark.underwood@...>
      wrote: >
      > Thanks for the correction Jack, I would not have
      > discerned that
      > difference from what I read unless it was pointed
      > out.
      Ditto. I had not noticed this either.
      I am somewhat sceptical that a polynomial of the form
      2x^2+p will be found (soon) that yields primes for all
      x in [0..29].
      I have looked at p upto 3.10^7 and as of yet nothing
      gets anywhere close. (best so far x in [0..9]).
      I am however going to look a bit deeper.

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