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11224Re: [PrimeNumbers] RE: Estimating log (B^pi(B))

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  • David Cleaver
    Feb 1, 2003
      Phil Carmody wrote:
      > ... brilliant numbers. If someone has kept a full record of all the numbers
      > that were in the range they tested for brilliantness, then that would be a
      > fair corpus, surely? I'm assuming they weren't sieved terribly deeply, and
      > therefore only the medium sized factors would need to have been recorded, as
      > the small ones can be reproduced easily (hey, I'll offer to find all the
      > small factors to test my new factoring algorithm!). Sure they're smaller
      > than 200 digits by a factor of 2, but they're about as unbiased as you can
      > get, and there's a fair number of them.
      > Anyone with such a collection?
      > Phil
      > =====
      > Is that free as in Willy or as in bird?


      I have been keeping such a list and was going to offer up all my
      findings once I have found my next brilliant number. The program I used
      to do the "sieving" was Miracl's factor.exe (slightly modified by me)
      and it does some ecm to remove up to 25 digit factors. So, would my
      list be too sparse to be useful? I didn't keep any of the sieved
      numbers, but everything that fell through that I have nfsx or ppsiqs
      factorings of.

      I was also thinking of giving the timings for the work thus far, and
      maybe also giving a list of the primes that were found in this range.
      Would either of the last two pieces of information be useful to anyone?
      I'm still compiling the information and still waiting for the next
      brilliant, but as soon as both are ready I'll e-mail the list.

      -David C.
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