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  • Joel Hopper <prime@doc-hopper.com>
    Jan 15, 2003

      The number I posted yesterday was incorrect. I copied it down wrong.
      The actual number was 10971 * 2^200155 + 1 and it passed proth.exe's
      primality tests. Next time I'll be more careful. ;-)

      Joel Hopper

      --- In primenumbers@yahoogroups.com, "Joel Hopper <prime@d...>"
      <prime@d...> wrote:
      > I think I found a "big 'un" and submitted it to the prime page. I'm
      > just curious as to how long it normally takes for submittals to be
      > deemed "official"?
      > Also, while searching my list of sieved possibles, my prp app
      > (prp.exe) found one that it said was probably, but proth.exe said
      > was not prime. How can I find more information about this "psuedo
      > prime" (as a friend in the math business called it)?
      > Thanks a lot ahead of time,
      > Joel Hopper
      > prime@d...
      > eComopute.org Prime/Factor team member
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