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10713Re: primes close to 2^(2^n) for n = 11..14

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  • David Broadhurst <d.broadhurst@open.ac.u
    Jan 5, 2003
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      > I wonder why PFGW did not implement Baillie-PSW.

      I guess because then the fast PrP test would be 3 times slower.

      And the -tc test is stronger than B-PSW, I believe.
      If you have a fair pecentage of N^2-1 it's *very* strong.
      If you have enough for BLS it's a proof.

      Why should one want something intermediate between
      a fast PrP and a slower-and-better-than-B-PSW test?

      After all, only a fraction=O(log(sieve_depth)/log(N))
      get through the fast test, so it doesn't matter that
      the slow one is even better (and hence slower) than B-PSW.
      [Except to Chris, who is suffering right now.]

      Maybe you do not see it this way, because your log(N)
      is so small. But PFGW is for finding large primes,
      not small pseudoprimes.

      Or have I missed something?

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