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10684Re: primes close to 2^(2^n) for n = 11..14

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  • paulunderwooduk <paulunderwood@mindless.
    Jan 4, 2003
      --- richard_heylen wrote:
      > Judging from the conjectured density of primes in this region you
      > were quite lucky!

      Nothing more than PNT and Poisson, with a touch of Irish blood.

      You can strengthen these numbers by running
      />pfgw -tc PRPfile

      this will test for "Fermat and Lucas PRP".

      I don't know of any composites that pass this. Does anyone else know?

      If you wanted to be even more sure you could use "Perrin
      pseudoprimality test" or one simmilar, but these are not part of PFGW.

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