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  • joe.mclean@it.glasgow.gov.uk
    May 8, 2001
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      Hello all.

      I have put up some new pages to my website which may be of general
      interest. I've called it, rather presumptuously, "All you want to know
      about primes", and I hope that it contains everything in the
      mainstream of primes and background theory. It's not exactly an FAQ,
      but will answer a lot of basic questions for those new to the ideas,
      especially new and inexperienced subscribers to this mailing list. I
      have deliberately avoided going into theory that would take up too
      much space to develop, since attention spans tend to fade rapidly.
      Also, in order to appear as accessible as possible, I have had to
      avoid going into detail where the maths gets too difficult.

      I would mention that it attempts to contain most of the current prime
      records, with references to websites and software where appropriate,
      so that it is not set in stone. As well as keeping it up-to-date, I
      would hope to improve areas that are perhaps badly worded or laid out,
      and perhaps include additional items if they fit the overall aim.

      Please feel free to comment.

      The introductory page is www.glasgowg43.freeserve.co.uk/primefaq.htm

      Joe McLean.

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