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1013Re: [PrimeNumbers] Big pro-Riesel from Patrick Pirson

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  • Phil Carmody
    Apr 30, 2001
      On Sun, 29 April 2001, "Yves Gallot" wrote:
      > Jack Brennen posted to Primes-L in November 2000 and reposted recently a
      > method to estimate the chance of solving Sierpinski problem. If we apply the
      > formulae to the Riesel's conjecture, we find that:
      > - the chance to solve the problem with some primes having less than
      > 10^12 digits is 1%

      "some primes having less than" ?
      Is your logic reversed?
      "no primes having more than" ?

      Congratulations certainly go to Patrick either way.


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