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10080Re: [PrimeNumbers] Primality proving around 10^14

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  • mikeoakes2@aol.com
    Nov 30 11:40 AM
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      In a message dated 30/11/02 19:21:27 GMT Standard Time, wraithx@...

      > it will
      > help you prune your search space faster so you don't spend too much time
      > on composites when what you want to do is prove primality of numbers

      I know - I had done that (and trial-division etc.) already (see my original
      post) - the whole problem concerned the last step: _proving primality_.

      In a message dated 30/11/02 16:48:38 GMT Standard Time, jack@...

      > you can do seven strong-SPRP tests to bases 2,3,5,7,11,13,17
      > to prove primality.

      Jack: thanks for that. I'd a vague memory of n SPRPs being suffiicient, but
      had forgotten the details and where to find them.

      But 3.4*10^14 is only just above my current limit of 2*10^14 (see my other
      posting today).

      Do you/anyone know of _8_ SPRPs which work up to a higher limit - that would
      be really neat.


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