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10079Re: [PrimeNumbers] Primality proving around 10^14

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  • David Cleaver
    Nov 30, 2002
      mikeoakes2@... wrote:
      > > It
      > > does a trial division for the first 100 primes and then switches to
      > >
      > Jud
      > Either you or I are not understanding.
      > Miller-Rabin is a compositeness test, isn't it?
      > I needed to _prove_ primality. How does M-R do that?
      > Mike

      Actually, Miller-Rabin is just A test applied to a number. If the
      number passes the test, there's a chance that it is prime. If the
      number fails the test, then it is definitely composite. (ie, it will
      help you prune your search space faster so you don't spend too much time
      on composites when what you want to do is prove primality of numbers)

      -David C.
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