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Re: [prezveepsenator] August dKos Straw Poll Results

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    I supported Clark in 04. I m a little surprised that Edwards and Clinton didn t poll higher, This from the David Ignatius column in today s Washington Post:
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 19, 2005
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      I supported Clark in 04. I'm a little surprised that
      Edwards and Clinton didn't poll higher,
      This from the David Ignatius column in today's
      Washington Post:

      What can the Democrats do to seize the opportunities
      of the moment? I suggest they take a leaf from Newt
      Gingrich's GOP playbook and develop a new "Contract
      With America." The Democrats should put together a
      clear and coherent list of measures they would
      implement if they could regain control of Congress and
      the White House. If the Democrats are serious, some of
      these measures -- dealing with economics and energy --
      will be unpopular because they will call for
      sacrifice. But precisely for that reason, they will
      show that the Democrats can transcend interest-group
      America and unite the country.

      I agree that they need to be disciplined and coherent
      and something like the Contract With America is a good
      idea, but asking for sacrifice is a recipe for defeat
      and a Republican strategist's dream.. It can't be
      explained on a bumper sticker. Ask Walter Mondale.
      Paul Hackett is a great model for 2006.


      --- Ram Lau <ramlau@...> wrote:

      I'm one of those Clark fans.


      August dKos Straw Poll Results
      by kos
      Fri Aug 19th, 2005 at 11:30:08 PDT

      Some movement this time.

      dKos reader poll. 8/18-19. 8,710 respondents.

      August July June

      Clark 35 34 26
      Feingold 16 10 10
      H. Clinton 9 10 10
      No Freakin' Clue 9 13 17
      Edwards 7 7 8
      Richardson 4 4 4
      Other 4 4 7
      Biden 3 3 3
      Warner 3 5 5
      Bayh 1 2 2
      Kerry 1 2 2
      Vilsack 0 0 0

      One of the striking elements of these polls is the
      consistency in
      results. The Daily Kos community isn't representative
      of the overal
      Democratic electorate, but with 8,000+ respondents,
      it's a miniscule
      margin of error for our community's sentiments on the

      So the big movement this time around was Feingold, who
      clearly got a
      boost for demanding a firm timeline for a withdrawal
      from Iraq. It's
      impossible to tell where his new support came from,
      but it's probably
      the drop in undecideds probably benefited him.

      Bowers saw a similar shift toward Feingold in the MyDD
      poll, which is
      not comparable to this one (it uses IRV and includes
      candidates like Schweitzer and Gore). Bowers concludes
      that perhaps
      the Netroots might not be as non-ideological as I've
      been claiming.

      The first such question is whether or not the
      netroots really are
      as non-ideological in their support of Democratic
      candidates as Markos
      of Dailykos claims they are. My answer is no, though
      by no means a
      complete departure from his position.

      Problem is, Feingold still only at 16 percent, not
      exactly a ringing
      netroots endorsement for his bold Iraq stance.

      If we were a single-issue or ideology-driven
      community, Feingold would
      be running away with this thing. He's unequivically
      against the war,
      cast the lone vote against the Patriot Act, and is the
      only true
      progressive in the current mix. And he can only muster
      16 percent?

      My thesis still holds. We are not an ideological
      community. We're a
      practical one.

      Update: In case anyone is wondering about Clark's rise
      in support in
      July -- it was an issue of wording the question. I
      made clear in that
      post that neither Dean nor Gore would be running in
      2008, hence the
      movement from "no freakin' clue" and "other" to Clark.


      President bush
      Supreme court justices
      Supreme court


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