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Fwd: Plain Speaking from Harry Truman

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  • Greg Cannon
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2005
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      > From: "Hank" <hankpiano@...>
      > Subject: Plain Speaking from HST
      > On losing our freedom: "I feel that if our
      > Contitutional system ever
      > fails, it will be because people got scared and
      > turned hysterical and
      > someone in power will demagogue them right into a
      > police state of
      > some kind."
      > On J. Edgar Hoover: "One time they brought me in a
      > lot of stuff about
      > his personal life, and I told them I didn't give a
      > damn about that.
      > It's what he did while he was at work that was my
      > business."
      > On Japanese-American internment: "I was against it.
      > We were in a
      > period of emergency, but it was still the wrong
      > thing to do. It was
      > one place where I never went along with Roosevelt.
      > He never should
      > have allowed it."
      > On waste in the military: "No military man knows
      > anything at all
      > about money. All they know is how to spend it, and
      > they don't give a
      > damn whether they're getting their money's worth or
      > not."
      > On Billy Graham: "He claims he's a friend of all the
      > Presidents, but
      > he wasn't my friend when he was President. I just
      > don't go for people
      > like that. He's just interested in getting his name
      > in the paper."
      > On the creation of the CIA: "I think it was a
      > mistake. And if I'd
      > known what was going to happen, I never would have
      > done it."
      > On Richard Nixon: "Nixon is a shifty-eyed, godamn
      > liar, and people
      > know it. I can't figure out how he came so close to
      > getting elected
      > President in 1960. He not only doesn't give a damn
      > about the people,
      > he doesn't know how to tell the truth. I don't think
      > the son of a
      > bitch knows the difference between telling the truth
      > and lying."
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