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Fwd: [utepprogressives] Try Googling "Joe Bageant"

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  • Greg Cannon
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      --- Julie Keller <jakeller@...> wrote:
      > To: utepprogressives@yahoogroups.com
      > From: "Julie Keller" <jakeller@...>
      > Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 15:00:13 -0000
      > Subject: [utepprogressives] Try Googling "Joe
      > Bageant"
      > Joe Bageant is an historian from Virginia who has
      > written some
      > political essays for Counterpunch and The Smirking
      > Chimp. His recent
      > work has been focused on trying to help the left
      > understand Southern
      > working class, beer-swilling, redneck, religious
      > fundamentalists and
      > why they consistently vote Republican. His writing
      > style is
      > bombastic, gritty, original and has a certain
      > Hunter-Thompson-esque,
      > damn-the-torpedoes quality about it. For this
      > reason, many clueless
      > people on the left have accused him of being a
      > Southern working
      > class, beer-swilling, redneck, religious
      > fundamentalist sympathizer
      > and not a true progressive. Here is an excerpt
      > from, and a link to,
      > one of his recent articles:
      > Joe Bageant: Let's Drink to the
      > Slobbering Classes
      > ... Meanwhile, the world outside Burt's or
      > Winchester, Virginia
      > doesn't exist. Not really. If you spend your days at
      > a soul-numbing
      > repetitious job with a brain simmering in
      > anti-depressants, a belly
      > stuffed with high fat, supercarb comfort food, and
      > evenings half
      > drunk or recovering on the couch from
      > work...well...when the heck are
      > you supposed to find time or mind to grasp the
      > implications of global
      > warming even as you contemplate being one payday
      > ahead of
      > homelessness? A while back I watched this bar full
      > of people stare at
      > a game of Afghani dead goat polo in silent, rapt
      > attention. If that
      > isn't brain dead I don't know what is. The
      > relentless autocratic,
      > blue collar American workplace has ground my people
      > down, smashed'em
      > right into the couch. There they are force-fed the
      > huckster's
      > hologram of "personal freedom" in advertisements for
      > off road
      > vehicles. Getting a lousy public education, then
      > being played against
      > your fellow workers in Darwinian fashion by the free
      > market economy
      > does not make for optimism or open mindedness. It
      > makes for a kind of
      > bleak meanness nobody is openly talking about in the
      > American
      > political dialogue today.
      > I seem to remember a time when we weren't so mean,
      > back when most
      > people in Burt's believed in the American dream. A
      > few still do, or
      > at least pay lip service to it, though now they have
      > been reduced to
      > being grateful for having a job, any job. When
      > you're easily replaced
      > and are devalued you no longer pretend to have a
      > choice. To feed your
      > family you work harder and for less and without
      > benefits. You eat
      > shit and you ask for seconds. Eating shit eventually
      > makes you bitter
      > and resentful of anyone who does not appear to be
      > eating their share
      > of shit. So you feel that anyone else who gets a
      > break, especially a
      > government-assisted leg up is cheating you. From
      > resentment it is
      > only a short skip to hatred and the illogical
      > behavior that comes
      > with hatred. Like voting Republican against your own
      > best interests.
      > American liberals have been wailing and moaning like
      > a bunch of dying
      > cats in a hailstorm. HOW COULD THEY BE THAT STUPID?
      > Well dammit,
      > we've always been that stupid. So get over it. But
      > from time to time
      > at least we were lucky enough to have real
      > leadership, people like
      > Franklin Roosevelt who, understood that politics is
      > and always will
      > be about class struggle. Rich as he was, he had
      > enough character to
      > stand up for social and economic justice. Hell, even
      > Nixon wanted
      > universal health care. It took a truly godless pack
      > of jackals from
      > Texas to finally bring down and savage the Roosevelt
      > legacy.
      > The problem with the post-modern middle class and
      > left is that
      > they've forgotten about the class issue. ...
      > The neo-conservatives have been much aided by middle
      > class liberals
      > who find it easier to confront racism and homophobia
      > than to face
      > down their own latent class prejudices. Liberal
      > issue and identity
      > politics are the best things that ever happened to
      > the Republican
      > Party. It is often much easier for liberals to
      > empathize with poor
      > blacks with whose experience they share relatively
      > little than the
      > poor working class whites, who are just a little too
      > close to home.
      > Much more at Link:
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