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Text of Pope's Last Will and Testament

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  • Greg Cannon
    http://cnn.netscape.cnn.com/ns/news/story.jsp?id=2005040709560001073758&dt=20050407095600&w=APO&coview= Text of Pope s Last Will and Testament VATICAN CITY
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      Text of Pope's Last Will and Testament

      VATICAN CITY (AP) - The following is an English
      translation of the official Vatican Italian
      translation of the text of Pope John Paul II's last
      will and testament, which was originally written in
      Polish, dated June 3, 1979, with successive additions:

      The testament of 6.3.1979

      Totus Tuus ego sum (Latin for ``I am completely in
      Your hands'')

      In the Name of the Holiest Trinity. Amen.

      ``Keep watch, because you do not know which day when
      the Lord will come'' (Matthew 4, 42) - These words
      remind me of the final call, which will come the
      moment that the Lord will choose. I desire to follow
      Him and desire that all that is part of my earthly
      life shall prepare me for this moment. I do not know
      when it will come, but, like all else, this moment too
      I place into the hands of the Mother of My Master:
      Totus Tuus. In the same maternal hands I place All
      those with whom my life and vocation are bound. Into
      these Hands I leave above all the Church, and also my
      Nation and all humanity. I thank everyone. To everyone
      I ask forgiveness. I also ask prayers, so that the
      Mercy of God will loom greater than my weakness and

      During spiritual exercises I reflected upon the
      testament of the Holy Father Paul VI. This study has
      led me to write the present testament.

      I leave behind me some property which necessitates
      disposal. Regarding those items of daily use of which
      I made use, I ask that they be distributed as may
      appear opportune. My personal notes are to be burned.
      I ask that Don Stanislaw (his personal secretary,
      Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz) oversees this and thank
      him for the collaboration and help so prolonged over
      the years and so comprehensive. All other thanks,
      instead, I leave in my heart before God Himself,
      because it is difficult to express them.

      Regarding the funeral, I repeat the same disposition
      given by the Holy Father Paul VI. (Notes in margin):
      Burial in the bare earth, not in a tomb, 13.3.92
      (March 13, 1992).
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