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  • Gregory
    http://realserver.cstl.semo.edu/ramgen/Harte/reagansh.rm On the Reagan video you ll see the following: first an excerpt from The Speech, the 1964 televised
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2005

      On the Reagan video you'll see the following: first an excerpt
      from "The Speech," the 1964 televised campaign speech for Goldwater.
      Reagan gave this speech many times over the years on the mashed
      potato circuit before this televised presentation literally launched
      his political career.

      Next is an excerpt of Reagan's remarks at the 1976 Republican
      Convention following his unsuccessful challenge of Ford for the
      nomination. I suspect that after he spoke, at Ford's invitation, the
      convention was wondering whether it had nominated the wrong man!
      What a contrast to Ford. (Similarly, delegates at the 1980 Democratic
      convention were captivated by Edward Kennedy's speech--one of his
      best--but went on to renominate Carter.) It's interesting, though
      perhaps pointless, to speculate on what might have happened had
      Reagan won the nomination in 1976. He might very well have been
      defeated by Carter and, perhaps, gone down to oblivion. In any case,
      he clearly upstaged Ford on this occasion. That time capsule story
      would be used again by Reagan in a televised debate.

      Next is an excerpt from Reagan's 1980 acceptance speech. (Watch
      closely or you'll miss the cut and think it's still the same speech--
      but this time Ford is in the gallery.) You'll note the reference to
      the Iran hostage crisis.

      Next is an excerpt from the first inaugural, the one that Jamieson
      refers to in the reading. The Treptow story at the end is typical of
      Reagan stories that might not be technically accurate (Treptow, it
      was discovered, was not buried in Arlington as Reagan seemed to
      suggest), but were nonetheless powerful narratives. Reagan's optimism
      about Americans is typical--a different message, surely, than

      Then there's the section from the 1984 debate regarding the age
      question. After Reagan made this quip, the election was over!

      Next is a segment from one of the speeches at Normandy. This sort of
      ceremonial rhetoric is one of the things Reagan did best, as
      demonstrated in the following clip from the Challenger speech.

      Then there's an excerpt from a typical State of the Union Address in
      which Reagan employed the hero in the gallery technique referred to
      by Jamieson.

      Next is Reagan's last speech to a Republican Convention, in 1988,
      followed by his last public speech on his 83rd birthday. You'll note
      in the last speech he is showing his age, but though he falters at
      the start, he picks up steam and shortly has the crowd in the palm of
      his hand.
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