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"Red" Scare

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  • Ram Lau
    In the early days of Communist China, they first killed all these liberals (a.k.a. intellectuals) before anyone else. It was the beginning of The Cultural
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2004
      In the early days of Communist China, they first killed all
      these "liberals" (a.k.a. intellectuals) before anyone else. It was
      the beginning of The Cultural Revolution (1966-76) decade.

      In my recent survey of graduate students at top U.S. schools,
      47percent of the students classified themselves as liberal, 24
      percent as moderate, 16 percent as conservative, and 6 percent as

      Recently the conservative Center for Popular Culture did a study on
      the political bias in the administrations and faculties of 32 elite
      colleges and universities and found that Bowdoin has 23 Democrats to
      every one Republican.

      A recent analysis of political diversity at Ithaca College revealed
      that out of 125 professors in 14 departments, an overwhelming
      majority - 93.6 percent - are registered as Democrats or Greens.
      Only 6.4 percent are registered as Republicans or Conservatives.

      McGinnis examined campaign contributions by professors from the top
      20 law schools during 1991 to 2002, using the Web site
      opensecrets.org, which tracks federal donations of more than $200.
      He found that of the 28 to 29 percent who donated, 81 percent
      donated predominantly or exclusively to Democrats, and 15 percent
      predominantly or exclusively to Republicans.

      According to an article in the August 29, 2003 issue of the
      Chronicle of Higher Education, a solid majority of those teaching at
      both public and private universities described themselves as
      being "liberal" or "far left." (Indeed, it is true that in many
      schools or departments, the ideological
      diversity of the faculty ranges merely from the left to the far
      left.) Less than a third of the faculty members considered
      themselves "middle of the road," and only about 15 percent
      identified themselves as "conservative."

      At the University of Colorado, a Republican state, 94 percent of
      liberal arts professors were liberal. Four percent were
      conservative. Of their 85 registered English professors, none were
      conservative. One out of 39 registered history professors was a
      conservative. Two out of 28 were conservative in political science.

      University of North Carolina: 91 to 9 percent liberal. Even in a
      state that kept Jesse Helms in office, Republicans are a fringe
      group amongst college faculty.

      University of New Mexico: 89 percent Democrat, 7 percent Republican,
      4 percent Green. Ten out of 200 professors were conservative, but
      zero in political science, history and journalism, and one each in
      sociology, English, women's studies and African-American studies.
      The rest were in the
      hard sciences.

      Stanford has a reputation as being more conservative. There seems to
      be some truth to that. A whopping 11 percent of professors were
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