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Re: Americans went to bed on election night without knowing

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  • greg
    Burr was an abolitionist? I ve always only seen him portrayed as power-hungry and violent, I wouldn t have guessed he was an abolitionist.
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 3, 2004
      Burr was an abolitionist? I've always only seen him portrayed as
      power-hungry and violent, I wouldn't have guessed he was an abolitionist.
      > In 1800, although Aaron Burr ran for vice president on the Democratic-
      > Republican ticket with Thomas Jefferson, there wasn't a separate
      > ballot for president and vice president. Both received an equal
      > number of electoral votes, which threw the election into the House of
      > Representatives. The House deliberated from Feb. 11, 1801 to Feb. 17
      > and voted 36 times. Jefferson drew support from Hamilton's Federalist
      > Party and won. Burr became vice president. What if that election had
      > swung the other way and Burr had won?
      > "We would have had an abolitionist president in 1800, which would
      > have been quite different," says Roger Kennedy, former director of
      > the National Park Service, who has written several books about Burr
      > and Jefferson.
      > Kennedy envisions these developments: Not permitting slavery in the
      > territories of the Louisiana Purchase, a violent confrontation
      > between North and South decades before the Civil War (with the North
      > still winning), a war with Mexico much earlier than 1848, Texas
      > joining the United States decades earlier and one more scenario worth
      > pondering: "We probably would have had the first women appointed to
      > significant posts in the federal government, probably a full century
      > before that happened."
      > From Republic research. Michael Precker of the Dallas Morning News
      > contributed to this article.
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