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Mexico changes justice, farm, oil Cabinet posts

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  • Greg Cannon
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2009
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      Mexico changes justice, farm, oil Cabinet posts
      14 mins ago

      MEXICO CITY – Mexico's president has announced the resignation of the attorney general, one of the architects of the war on drug cartels. The agriculture secretary and the head of the state-owned oil company also stepped down.

      In expressing appreciation for the work of the officials, President Felipe Calderon gave no explanation for the Cabinet changes Monday.

      Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora has been Calderon's point-man in the offensive against drug gangs and in his farewell speech he said that "we have done a lot clean the house." He is being given an unspecified foreign service post.

      Calderon says he will propose lawyer Arturo Chavez as the new attorney general. He praises Chavez as a man who has experience in fighting organized crime.
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