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ATF: "Molotov" cocktail started Governor's Mansion fire

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  • Greg Cannon
    http://www.keyetv.com/content/news/topnews/story.aspx?content_id=a9424331-8097-4e22-9506-bb230f4f8ed1 ATF: Molotov cocktail started Governor s Mansion fire
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2008

      ATF: "Molotov" cocktail started Governor's Mansion

      Last Update: 1:52 pm

      An Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent tells CBS 42
      News the object seen being thrown in surveillance
      video appears to be a "Molotov," which is a lit
      container with flammable liquid inside.

      Early on Thursday, state Fire Marshal Paul Maldonado
      confirmed Sunday's fire at the Governor's Mansion was
      arson. He says a surveillance camera captured on video
      an individual igniting an object and tossing onto the
      building's front porch. From there, the fire spread
      rapidly. Maldonado says evidence shows an accelerant
      was used in the crime.

      Officials would not say if the suspect is male or
      female. The surveillance video is being enhanced in
      order to gather more clues.

      At the Thursday morning news conference, the state
      fire marshal said the on-site investigation is now
      complete and the building is being returned to the
      state for restoring.

      According to the state's restoration engineers, the
      building is "structurally deficient" and the roof will
      need to be replaced. The downstairs seems to be in the
      best shape, but other areas of the 152-year-old
      landmark are extensively damaged.

      Structural engineer, John Volz, says his reaction to
      seeing the devastation was "like having a sick child
      or family member -- it's heartbreaking." But he is
      adamant the building can be salvaged.

      Construction crews will begin the rehabilitation
      within days by removing the debris. Workers won't know
      how much total damage was done until they get deeper
      into the restoration project.

      Restorers will need to stabilize the building, to dry
      it out, and to protect the interior from the weather.
      Estimates of repairing the building are as high as ten
      million dollars.
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