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Fwd: Cobb/Badnarik Debate Update

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  • Greg Cannon
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      > Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 14:37:36 -0400
      > To: gregcannon1@...
      > Subject: Debate Update
      > From: NewsAlert@...
      > Just confirmed: Free Market News Network, an
      > internet-based news network, has agreed to cover the
      > entire Miami debate this Thursday, September 30th.
      > We are using a medium that will be the wave of the
      > future - and it is the Libertarians, Greens, and
      > Free Market News that will be leading the way.
      > Corporate media cannot suppress our message any
      > longer. We are acting on our first amendment right
      > and giving the American people what they want. Free
      > Market News will be providing unprecedented news
      > coverage. By going to the Free Market News' website
      > (www.freemarketnews.com), you will find live
      > coverage from the full day's events, including the
      > debate, the candidate's rebuttals, reporter's
      > commentary, and interviews. Free Market News is no
      > different than any other cable news network, except
      > they will be supplying expanded coverage that can
      > only be showcased through the world wide web. The
      > title of Joe Trippi's book says it all, "The
      > revolution will not be televised".
      > Right now we need everybody that is anybody to post,
      > announce, and spread the Free Market News website as
      > far and as wide as you possibly can. Post to
      > discussion lists, blogs, chat rooms, and anywhere
      > else that is conceivable. Let America know that
      > there is a real debate this Thursday, and it can be
      > viewed in its entirety. We are battling time to
      > promote this historic news coverage. You will be
      > given the opportunity to witness every second of the
      > Miami debate, the candidate?s rebuttals, and every
      > second in between. Details and press releases will
      > be avaliable ASAP. Stay tuned...
      > www.freemarketnews.com
      > -------------------------------------------------
      > MIAMI
      > The Open Format Debate featuring the Libertarian &
      > Green Party candidates will be a stark contrast to
      > the other Miami "debate"
      > MIAMI - Michael Badnarik and David Cobb, the
      > presidential candidates from the Libertarian and
      > Green parties, will take questions from media,
      > students and the public in an open forum the night
      > of - and just feet from - the first televised
      > "debate" between the two-party candidates.
      > The debate will take place on Thursday, September
      > 30, at 5 p.m., at the Holiday Inn Ballroom, 1350 S.
      > Dixie Highway, in Coral Gables. Pacifica Radio will
      > interview audience members and debate participants
      > following the two hour debate. From 9 p.m. until
      > 10:30, the candidates and audience will watch a live
      > broadcast of the restricted, two-party debate after
      > which Badnarik and Cobb will offer their rebuttals.
      > Independent candidate Ralph Nader, who has been
      > invited to participate in the open format debate,
      > has not yet accepted the invitation.
      > Unlike the scripted and staged exchange between the
      > two-party candidates which will take place directly
      > across Dixie Highway from the Holiday Inn Ballroom,
      > the open format debate will allow for uncensored
      > questions from the public and students and will
      > represent a wide range of viewpoints on the critical
      > issues facing our country.
      > Two non-partisan student organizations, the
      > University of Miami's Council for Democracy and the
      > Miami-Dade College Student Senate, are sponsoring
      > the unrestricted, open format debate along with the
      > Center for Voting and Democracy, a nonprofit,
      > non-partisan Maryland-based organization. John
      > Anderson, the former Republican congressman and
      > independent presidential candidate who is the chair
      > of the Center for Voting and Democracy, will present
      > an opening statement prior to the debate.
      > Admission to the debate is $5 for students and $10
      > for the general public.
      > "This open debate will provide students in South
      > Florida and throughout the nation an unparalleled
      > opportunity to realize the richness, substance and
      > diversity of American discourse outside the
      > two-party monopoly," said Edward Martos, President
      > of the Council for Democracy, a non-partisan student
      > organization dedicated to raising political
      > awareness.
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