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Texas Democratic Party: The Caucus Must Go On

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  • Greg Cannon
    http://newspapertree.com/elections/2200 Texas Democratic Party: The Caucus Must Go On special to NPT Posted on March 17, 2008 Editor s note: Below is a
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      Texas Democratic Party: The Caucus Must Go On
      special to NPT

      Posted on March 17, 2008

      Editor's note: Below is a statement by Texas
      Democratic Chairman Boyd Richie regarding the Delegate
      Selection Process. The campaign of Sen. Hillary
      Clinton had asked the state party to hold off on the
      March 29 county caucuses pending a review of the
      campaign's complaints [background from burnt orange]

      The Texas Democratic Party and local Democratic Party
      organizations around our state are working to turn the
      enormous opportunity created by the record Democratic
      turnout experienced on March 4th into a positive
      outcome for Texas Democrats this fall and in 2010. We
      are proud of both our Presidential candidates who
      helped create that turnout. We ask now that the
      campaigns work with us rather than become an
      impediment to this extraordinary opportunity to build
      our party.

      On March 4th, our Democratic precinct conventions
      experienced record turnout of roughly one million
      precinct convention attendees, a ten-fold increase
      from the previous high attendance mark. As expected in
      any record turnout involving hundreds of thousands of
      people, there were reports of problems caused by long
      lines and crowded facilities. These problems are not
      unique to Texas. Similar problems, in proportionately
      similar numbers, occurred in pure caucus states like
      Iowa and Nevada.

      The overwhelming majority of problems reported in
      Texas do not affect the legitimacy of delegate
      allocation. It is important to remember that the
      precinct conventions are just the first of three steps
      where delegates and alternates are selected. "Final
      results" will not be determined until June 6-7 at the
      Texas Democratic State convention. And at each
      convention step, Texas Democratic Party rules provide
      a credentials process to address problems and provide
      an avenue to register complaints and make formal

      For that reason, the Texas Democratic Party will not
      do as suggested by one campaign and circumvent Party
      rules to set up an unnecessary, ad hoc "verification"
      process that could effectively disqualify delegates
      selected at their precinct conventions after the fact.
      The Party has never stated any intention to set up a
      verification process of this nature because Party
      rules already provide for "verification" through our
      credentials process. Candidates who wish to disqualify
      delegates must pursue formal challenges based on
      evidence filed appropriately in accordance with our
      party's rules.

      The Texas Democratic Party plans to conduct our
      district and county conventions on March 29 and our
      June State Convention in accordance with procedures
      set forth in Texas law and party rules. Both campaigns
      have the opportunity and responsibility to do their
      jobs by documenting evidence, filing challenges if
      warranted, and turning out their delegates in a system
      that rewards such an effort when final delegate
      results are determined at the State Convention in
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