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Re: [prezveepsenator] Former Sen. Sam Nunn weighs run for White House

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    I d appreciate any suggestions of movies that reflect accurate portrayals of American history .. I can t think of a single good movie about the American
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      I'd appreciate any suggestions of movies that reflect
      accurate portrayals of American history .. I can't
      think of a single good movie about the American
      Revolution or WW1, for instance. Any thoughts?


      > Former Sen. Sam Nunn weighs run for White House
      > By JIM GALLOWAY /
      > The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
      > Published on: 08/19/07
      > Sam Nunn left the U.S. Senate more than 10 years
      > ago.
      > Since then, the Georgia Democrat, who made his name
      > nationally as a defense-minded hawk, has watched
      > what's happened to the country, and he's more than a
      > bit ticked — at the "fiasco" in Iraq, a federal
      > budget
      > spinning out of control, the lack of an honest
      > energy
      > policy, and a presidential contest that, he says,
      > seems designed to thwart serious discussion of the
      > looming crises.
      > In an hourlong interview, in his small office on
      > Marietta Street on the edge of the Georgia Tech
      > campus, Nunn acknowledged that he — like former
      > Georgia congressman Newt Gingrich — is considering a
      > run for the White House next year.
      > But unlike Gingrich, Nunn would run outside the
      > traditional two-party structure.
      > "It's a possibility, not a probability," said Nunn,
      > now the head of a nonprofit organization out to
      > reduce
      > the threat posed by nuclear, biological and chemical
      > weaponry. "My own thinking is, it may be a time for
      > the country to say, 'Timeout. The two-party system
      > has
      > served us well, historically, but it's not serving
      > us
      > now.'"
      > The 68-year-old former senator, still considered one
      > of the foremost experts on national security,
      > confirmed that he's discussed a presidential run as
      > part of several conversations with Michael
      > Bloomberg,
      > the New York mayor.
      > More important, Nunn said he's been in touch with
      > Unity '08, a group with a goal of fielding a
      > bipartisan or independent ticket for president.
      > Initial talks began with Hamilton Jordan, a
      > co-founder
      > of Unity '08 and former chief of staff to President
      > Jimmy Carter.
      > Doug Bailey, a Republican strategist and another
      > co-founder, said Nunn was given "a more detailed
      > briefing" from the group this summer.
      > Nunn said he's not likely to make up his mind until
      > next year, probably after the early rush of
      > presidential primaries have produced de facto
      > nominees
      > for both parties. He said the decision will depend
      > largely on what he hears from the current
      > candidates.
      > The only certainty, he said, is that he won't be
      > anybody's candidate for vice president.
      > Former state lawmaker Larry Walker of Perry, a close
      > friend who replaced Nunn in the state House 35 years
      > ago, believes Nunn is even more serious than his
      > comments suggest.
      > "I think he's determined to affect the debate in the
      > presidential race," he said.
      > Walker said Nunn is under no illusion — third-party
      > presidential candidates are historically poor
      > finishers. "But I also think he realizes the
      > dynamics
      > have changed so much as a result of the Internet.
      > We're not in the Ross Perot era," Walker said.
      > In the interview, Nunn admitted he is also tempted
      > by
      > the fact that a presidential run would offer him a
      > world stage to press for a revolutionary shift in
      > U.S.
      > defense and foreign policy.
      > In January, Nunn joined with a coterie of defense
      > and
      > diplomatic experts that include Henry Kissinger and
      > George Shultz to argue that the collapse of the
      > Soviet
      > Union and the rise of terrorism have forever altered
      > the calculus of war.
      > In a new era in which the chief concern is Islamic
      > jihadism, a world security system built around a
      > nuclear stand-off between the United States and
      > Russia
      > has become "obsolete," Nunn says.
      > Ultimately, he said, if there's to be any chance of
      > persuading smaller countries to give up nuclear
      > weapons technology — and keep it out of the hands of
      > increasingly sophisticated terrorists — world powers
      > will have to put themselves on a gradual, verifiable
      > path toward total nuclear disarmament. That includes
      > the United States.
      > "What I'm describing is a different world than the
      > one
      > I was in during the Cold War," Nunn said.
      > A native of Perry who went to Washington at age 34,
      > Nunn abandoned national politics at the height of
      > his
      > popularity in 1997, two years after Democrats lost
      > control of Congress and Nunn lost chairmanship of
      > the
      > Senate Armed Services Committee.
      > In Democratic circles, Nunn served as a mainstay for
      > party centrists, but also developed an unusually
      > strong following among Republicans who liked Nunn's
      > independence and his emphasis on defense and fiscal
      > conservatism.
      > Though not as well-known as he once was, Nunn's
      > reputation in Georgia remains high. On Tuesday, the
      > Rome News-Tribune, responding to the first reports
      > of
      > Nunn's interest in the presidency, promptly endorsed
      > him.
      > Like Carter and Gingrich, who became U.S. House
      > speaker in 1994, Nunn was a center of Georgia
      > influence in Washington. Unlike Carter and Gingrich,
      > he has remained largely out of the limelight in his
      > post-Washington years. He's written no books, and —
      > as
      > a man who still speaks in paragraphs instead of
      > sound
      > bites — isn't a regular on high-paying talk
      > circuits.
      > Instead, Nunn has remained quietly plugged into the
      > nitty-gritty issues of U.S. defense and foreign
      > policy. In July, he was one of four other Americans
      > corralled by Kissinger into private talks in Moscow
      > with President Vladimir Putin and other Russian
      > heavyweights on how to improve U.S.-Russian
      > relations.
      > Next week, he returns to Moscow with U.S. Sen.
      > Richard
      > Lugar (R-Ind.) to mark the 15th anniversary of the
      > Nunn-Lugar Act, which has provided U.S. funding and
      > expertise to help the former Soviet Union safeguard
      > and dismantle its stockpiles of nuclear, chemical
      > and
      > biological weapons.
      > Nunn is also CEO of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a
      > private charitable organization originally
      > bankrolled
      > by Ted Turner. The group's headquarters is in
      > Washington, but Nunn operates out of his office at
      > Tech, where he holds an honorary professorship.
      > Because of his well-mined expertise, for the past 20
      > years he has been a perennial possibility when
      > presidential tickets are discussed. Each time he's
      > quickly said no.
      > What's different this time?
      > "I am frustrated, and clearly frustrated, with the
      > fact that I think my children and grandchildren are
      > not going to have the kind of future they should be
      > having," Nunn said.
      > Political debate has been captured by the extreme
      > wings of both parties, he said, ignoring solutions
      > that can only be found in the middle.
      > "I do not see tough calls willing to be made by the
      > body politic," he said.
      > Nunn singled out the debate over energy and global
      > warming. Those most concerned with global warming
      > won't consider nuclear energy as an alternative, he
      > said. Those who advocate energy independence ignore
      > the fact that there is "no analysis whatsoever that
      > could lead you to believe we're going to be
      > independent in this country on energy," Nunn said.
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    • Ram Lau
      A Nunn-Lugar ticket, perhaps?
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        A Nunn-Lugar ticket, perhaps?
        Nunn-Bloomberg... Nunn-Hagel?
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          Nunn-Bloomberg... Nunn-Hagel?

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          > A Nunn-Lugar ticket, perhaps?
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