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The next Congress: deeds vs. words

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  • Greg Cannon
    Before reading Nancy Pelosi s piece, I d ask you all to take a look at these articles on Hastings and Harman (in addition to the one on Murtha I sent out
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2006
      Before reading Nancy Pelosi's piece, I'd ask you all
      to take a look at these articles on Hastings and
      Harman (in addition to the one on Murtha I sent out

      Feds Probe a Top Democrat's Relationship with AIPAC

      Corruption Case Resurfaces For Alcee Hastings

      Impeached Judge May Chair House Intelligence Committee

      House Intelligence Committee: Pelosi v. Harman v.

      from the November 14, 2006 edition

      Democrats will not disappoint
      We pledge to make this the most honest, ethical, and
      open Congress in history.
      By Nancy Pelosi
      WASHINGTON – The morning after the election, I
      received a powerful reminder of why so many of us
      choose public service as our life's work. While
      walking into my office, I ran into a group of
      schoolchildren who had come to visit the Capitol.

      Talking with them reminded me of the solemn
      responsibility each generation has to the ones that
      follow. Their enthusiasm and energy spoke more
      powerfully than any words could that they are
      inheritors of the future we choose to build today.

      This year, voters elected Democratic candidates from
      every region of America, giving Democrats the majority
      in both the House of Representatives and the Senate,
      and entrusting us with a great deal of responsibility
      for building that future.

      With their votes, the American people asked for
      change. They cast their ballots in favor of a New

      They called for greater integrity in Washington, and
      Democrats pledge to make this the most honest,
      ethical, and open Congress in history.

      The American people called for greater civility in how
      Congress conducts its work, and Democrats pledge to
      conduct our work with civility and bipartisanship, and
      to act in partnership - not partisanship - with the
      president and Republicans in Congress.

      I met with President Bush at the White House two days
      after the election, and we both extended the hand of
      friendship. We recognized that we have our
      differences, and we will debate them as our Founding
      Fathers intended, but we will do so in a way that gets
      results for the American people.

      The American people called for greater economic
      fairness, and we pledge to work for an economy that
      enables all Americans to participate in the economic
      success of our country.

      Nowhere was the call for a New Direction clearer than
      in the war in Iraq. The strategy of "stay the course"
      is not working, has not made our country safer, has
      not honored our commitment to our troops, and has not
      brought stability to the region.

      The president's acceptance of Defense Secretary Donald
      Rumsfeld's resignation on Wednesday is an encouraging
      step. It's an opportunity for a fresh start in Iraq,
      and I hope it's a precursor to a change in policy.

      With integrity, civility, and fiscal responsibility as
      our guide, Democrats intend to move forward with the
      agenda for change on which we were elected. We will:

      • Make America safer by implementing the
      recommendations of the 9/11 commission.

      • Make our economy fairer by raising the minimum wage
      and ending taxpayer subsidies for sending jobs

      • Make college more affordable by cutting the interest
      rates on student loans.

      • Improve healthcare by allowing Medicare to negotiate
      for lower prescription drug prices and promoting
      stem-cell research.

      • Achieve energy independence within 10 years by
      investing America's energy dollars in the Midwest
      instead of the Middle East.

      • Guarantee a dignified retirement by improving
      Medicare, protecting Social Security, and making it
      easier to save for retirement.

      These items are not just the Democratic agenda; all of
      them enjoy broad bipartisan support. Democrats will
      work with members of both parties to secure their
      passage, because progress will not be victory for any
      one party, but for all of the American people.

      Democrats do not see our congressional majorities as
      the end point in a long and hard-fought campaign, but
      rather the starting point - an opportunity to work on
      behalf of all Americans.

      The American people - many Republican and independent
      voters among them - entrusted Democrats with their
      hopes and aspirations for themselves, their families,
      and their future. We are prepared to lead and ready to
      govern. We will honor that trust, and we will not

      • Nancy Pelosi is currently the Democratic leader of
      the House of Representatives. In January, she is
      expected to become speaker of the House, the first
      woman ever to serve in that capacity.
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