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Re: [utepprogressives] Rick Santorum Breakdown Watch

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  • Greg Cannon
    And if the Eye of Mordor is on Iraq instead of on America, that suggests to me that he s implying the metaphorical Mount Doom is located somewhere in America.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2006
      And if the Eye of Mordor is on Iraq instead of on
      America, that suggests to me that he's implying the
      metaphorical Mount Doom is located somewhere in
      America. And so are the hobbits on their way to
      destroy the ring. What is the ring? What is Mount

      And, to get away from his awful analogy, is he also
      implying that we ought to stay at war in Iraq simply
      in order to keep Al-Qaida occupied attacking our
      troops in Iraq instead of attacking civillians in the
      U.S.? That seems a rather questionable way to support
      the troops.

      --- Julie Keller <jakeller@...> wrote:

      > Feel free to post here all items pertaining to Rick
      > Santorum's
      > desperation meltdown. I would have liked to have
      > heard this speech,
      > live. I'm trying to imagine a sitting U.S. Senator
      > comparing
      > jihadists to the Eye of Mordor.
      > http://www.heraldstandard.com/site/news.cfm?
      > Santorum defends Iraq war policy
      > By Alison Hawkes , For the Herald-Standard
      > LEVITTOWN - Embattled U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum said
      > America has
      > avoided a second terrorist attack for five years
      > because the "Eye of
      > Mordor" has instead been drawn to Iraq.
      > Santorum used the analogy from one of his favorite
      > books, J.R.R.
      > Tolkien's 1950s fantasy classic, "Lord of the
      > Rings," to put an
      > increasingly unpopular war in Iraq into terms any
      > school kid could
      > easily understand.
      > "As the hobbits are going up Mount Doom, the Eye of
      > Mordor is being
      > drawn somewhere else," Santorum said, describing the
      > tool the evil
      > Lord Sauron used in search of the magical ring that
      > would consolidate
      > his power over Middle-earth.
      > "It's being drawn to Iraq and it's not being drawn
      > to the U.S.," he
      > continued. "You know what? I want to keep it on
      > Iraq. I don't want
      > the Eye to come back here to the United States."
      > The 12-year Republican senator from Pennsylvania
      > said he's "a big
      > Lord of the Rings fan." He's read the first of the
      > series, "The
      > Hobbit" to his children (he has six).
      > But spokesman for Democratic opponent Bob Casey Jr.
      > questioned the
      > appropriateness of the analogy.
      > "You have to really question the judgment of a U.S.
      > Senator who
      > compares the war in Iraq to a fantasy book," said
      > Casey spokesman
      > Larry Smar. "This is just like when he said Kim Jong
      > Il isn't a
      > threat because he just wants to 'watch NBA
      > basketball.'"
      > According to a Patriot-News editorial, Santorum said
      > the North Korea
      > dictator "doesn't want to die; he wants to watch NBA
      > basketball" as a
      > reason for why Iran is the bigger nuclear threat.
      > Faced with a no-fantasy re-election battle, his
      > toughest yet, against
      > Democratic challenger and state Treasurer Bob Casey
      > Jr., Santorum has
      > been positioning himself as strong on national
      > security.
      > To counter Casey claims that he's voted with
      > President George
      > Bush "98 percent of the time," Santorum pointedly
      > mentioning their
      > areas of difference, specifically in taking a hard
      > line on Iran and
      > its nuclear weapons program.
      > He called the Bush Administration's policy to
      > negotiate with Iran "at
      > worst appeasement and at best constructive
      > engagement, either of
      > which are wrong."
      > "They believe you can negotiate with [Iran
      > President] Mahmoud
      > Ahmadinejad and the mullahs on the issue of nuclear
      > weapons and you
      > cannot," Santorum said. "You cannot negotiate
      > something away from
      > someone who has a messianic vision to a religious
      > conviction that
      > they need this weapon."
      > Santorum made his comments before the Bucks County
      > Courier Times
      > editorial board late last week. The Bucks County
      > Courier Times is a
      > sister paper of the Herald-Standard. Both are owned
      > by Calkins Media.
      > Santorum said he managed to work out an agreement
      > between Congress
      > and the White House on a plan to toughen sanctions
      > and fund Iranian
      > pro-democracy groups.
      > But he seemed frustrated by questions about U.S.
      > troop withdrawal
      > from Iraq.
      > "I don't think you ask that question," he said. "I
      > know that's the
      > question everybody wants to ask. But I don't think
      > anyone would ask
      > that question in 1944, 'Gee how long are we going to
      > be in Europe?'
      > We're going to be in Europe until we win."
      > Asked whether he thinks U.S. troops will be in Iraq
      > a half-century
      > later, as they still are in Germany, Santorum said
      > "potentially."
      > "Having a presence there as we have since the Gulf
      > War in Saudi
      > Arabia and Kuwait, is certainly not against the
      > interests of America
      > if in fact we're welcome to be there," he said.
      > Santorum insisted the U.S. needed to take out Saddam
      > Hussein because
      > he "by all accounts had weapons of mass destruction
      > ... he was
      > fomenting terrorism, he was paying for terrorists to
      > kill Israelis,
      > and we has supporting terrorist objectives."
      > "To say we're being bogged down in Iraq, I disagree
      > with you," he
      > said. "We are fighting the war that we are engaged
      > in - Islamic
      > fascism - in Iraq. We are fighting those people
      > right now, the people
      > who if we let would come here and destroy us."
      > The 911 Commission report, however, found that while
      > Saddam had been
      > in contact with Al Qaeda, there was no evidence that
      > the contacts
      > ever turned into "a collaborative operational
      > relationship" or that
      > Iraq cooperated in the attacks against the U.S.
      > On the growing strength of the Taliban in
      > Afghanistan, the U.S.'s
      > first post-911 nation-building effort, and the
      > failure to capture
      > Osama bin Laden, Santorum demurred.
      > "You know, what we have is a lousy enemy," Santorum
      > said about the
      > Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan. "This enemy is
      > really tough. And I
      > underestimated this enemy ... and the problem is
      > American people
      > underestimated this enemy."
      > According to his campaign and published news
      > reports, Casey also does
      > not support a timeline for troop withdrawal and
      > criticized Bush for
      > going first to Iraq, the weakest link in the "Axis
      > of Evil," while
      > Iran and North Korea have developed nuclear
      > capabilities.
      > Casey has been invited to meet with the editorial
      > board but has not
      > yet agreed.
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