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What's In A Name?

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  • Ram Lau
    http://www2.kbcitv.com/x79311.xml What s In A Name? September 18, 2006 By Kiersten Throndsen EMMETT - The November elections are less than two months away and
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      What's In A Name?
      September 18, 2006
      By Kiersten Throndsen

      EMMETT - The November elections are less than two months away and now
      candidates are gearing up and getting out, spreading their campaign
      goals. For most candidates putting up campaign signs and handing out
      brochures outlining who they are and what they stand for is standard,
      but for one candidate those tactics don't go far enough.

      To an Emmett strawberry farmer, who's running for governor this
      November, his name means everything.

      "It seems like only a nut would do something like that, but I'm not a
      nutty kind of person at all," Pro-Life told CBS 2 News.

      Meet Pro-Life, yes that's his name, formerly known as Marvin Richardson.

      "My wife, she's not into calling me Pro-Life yet," he said.

      In 2004 Richardson legally changed his middle name to Pro-Life and he
      filed for the governor's race as Marvin Pro-Life Richardson. But
      that's when he got a letter from the Secretary of State's Office
      saying no.

      "They said I couldn't put Pro-Life on the ballot because that was
      bringing an issue to the ballot," said Pro-Life.

      He didn't stop there. On Monday afternoon, with a judges signature, he
      legally dropped both his first and last name. Now he just goes by

      "My name being Pro-Life on the ballot will save a number of babies by
      the time I die," he explained for wanting to change his name.

      Now his wife of 24 years is still trying to figure out what name to
      take after her husband changed their surname.

      "It could be Kirsten Faith Pro-Life.I don't want to leave out Faith,
      so I'm thinking about using it as a last name," Kirsten Faith
      Richardson told CBS 2 News.

      Even though his new name won't show up on this year's ballot, he
      doesn't plan on changing it again.

      "People will know that Pro-Life is a real person and they'll see, and
      they'll connect that with my face, my mission in life, so I don't
      think there's going to be any problem with that," said Pro-Life.

      When Pro-Life changed his middle name two years ago he also gave his
      10-year-old son Grant the same middle name, so it's Grant Pro-Life

      Pro-Life plans to run for office every two years for the rest of his
      life. In 2008 he will run for U.S. Senate. By then he believes the
      Secretary of State will have to put his new legal name on the ballot.
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