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Friedman wants 10,000 troops at border

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  • Greg Cannon
    As much as I like his music, I cannot in good conscience vote for this man. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060906/ap_on_re_us/governor_kinky Friedman wants
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2006
      As much as I like his music, I cannot in good
      conscience vote for this man.


      Friedman wants 10,000 troops at border

      By MICHAEL GRACZYK, Associated Press Writer 14 minutes

      HOUSTON - Kinky Friedman, the proudly politically
      incorrect entertainer running for governor, said
      Wednesday he wouldn't put just 1,500 National Guard
      troops on the Texas-Mexico border, he'd send 10,000.

      "We've waited 153 years for the feds to help us,"
      Friedman said. "They haven't yet. We have our own
      army. I want 10,000 Texas National Guard troops on the
      border and I want them now."

      It was one of four broad policy issues Friedman
      outlined Wednesday along with crime in Houston, state
      spending and taxes.

      On Houston's crime problem, Friedman said Hurricane
      Katrina evacuees who relocated to the city and break
      the law or refuse to find jobs should be sent back to

      "I'm just kind of stunned other politicians are not
      talking about this stuff and are not doing anything,"
      Friedman said.

      With campaign slogans like "He's Not Kinky, He's My
      Governor" and "Kinky for Governor — Why the Hell Not?"
      Friedman is running a rebel campaign as an independent
      against Republican Gov. Rick Perry. Also in the race
      are Democrat Chris Bell, Libertarian James Werner and
      another independent, Carole Strayhorn, the state
      comptroller who won that office as a Republican.

      On the issue of crime, Friedman said he would give
      $100 million in state money to Houston to address a
      spike in violence since Hurricane Katrina.

      Friedman also said he would cap state spending at
      current levels, with any increases adjusted for
      inflation, population increases and unforeseen

      He said he would abolish the state business tax, which
      taxes gross business income and was a key element of
      the school finance reform passed by the legislature in
      a special session earlier this year. The existing
      state budget surplus of at least $11 billion could
      make up any shortfall, he said.

      As for the border, Texas has about 1,500 National
      Guard troops there already. President Bush earlier
      this year said he wanted 6,000 along the entire
      U.S.-Mexico border to assist with administrative and
      construction tasks that could free up Border Patrol

      Perry campaign spokesman Robert Black dismissed
      Friedman's proposals. He said it wasn't clear whether
      the 10,000 troops Friedman wanted even were available
      for deployment and that using surplus money "would be
      fine for about a year, then what do you do?"

      A Bell spokeswoman, Heather Guntert, said, "I'd be
      very interested in someone figuring out the
      implications of freezing all the spending. It's not a
      serious response to a serious problem."

      Strayhorn spokesman Mark Sanders described Friedman as
      "a lot of fun" but said the comptroller's campaign is
      focused on Perry. He said, "It's a two-person race."
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