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Re: [prezveepsenator] Re: Al Gore, the movie

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    haven t seen it yet, but it s on my list.. saw a great interview with him on MSNBC s Countdown.. very articulate
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 24 12:41 AM
      haven't seen it yet, but it's on my list.. saw a great
      interview with him on MSNBC's Countdown.. very

      --- Ram Lau <ramlau@...> wrote:

      > > Al Gore has been all over the media recently
      > > plugging his new movie on global warming. Has
      > > any one by chance seen it? What did you think?
      > I haven't. But I'd like to go see the movie someday.
      > It seems to me
      > that he just won't pull a Nixon in 2008. He's having
      > a great time
      > being a celebrity in these days.
      > I did watch a documentary concerning another Vice
      > President though,
      > and that's PBS's The Dark Side (see "Links" on the
      > left panel). The
      > entire documentary is online, and I encourage every
      > American to watch
      > that, regardless of his/her political ideology and
      > affiliation.
      > Ram
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