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Lousisiana governor says she'll sign abortion bill

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  • Greg Cannon
    http://www.katc.com/Global/story.asp?S=4978210 Blanco says she ll sign abortion bill NEW ORLEANS Governor Kathleen Blanco said today that she ll sign a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2006

      Blanco says she'll sign abortion bill

      NEW ORLEANS Governor Kathleen Blanco said today that
      she'll sign a near-total ban on abortion -- without
      exceptions for rape or incest victims -- that is
      nearing final legislative passage.

      The Louisiana House and Senate have approved the
      measure by Senator Ben Nevers, of Bogalusa, but it
      awaits one final approval from the Senate of House
      changes before it reaches Blanco's desk. The bill only
      would allow abortions in cases where the woman's life
      is in danger or when childbirth would permanently harm
      her health.

      The bill could only go into effect if the U-S Supreme
      Court's Roe versus Wade decision is overturned.

      In an interview with The Associated Press, Blanco says
      she anticipates signing the bill. She says she
      believes an exception for rape and incest victims to
      get an abortion, a proposal rejected by both the House
      and Senate, would have "been reasonable," but she said
      she wouldn't reject the bill for that reason.

      Under the measure, doctors found guilty of performing
      abortions would face up to ten years in prison and
      fines of 100-thousand dollars.

      The bill is similar to a South Dakota law passed
      earlier this year that is expected to land before the
      Supreme Court.

      A majority of the Supreme Court's nine justices have
      voted to uphold Roe v. Wade in the past.


      On the Net: Senate Bill 33 is at

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