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Re: [prezveepsenator] DeLay sets June 9 resignation

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  • Greg Cannon
    And it looks like it may be a three-way race, with Lampson the Democrat, whoever the Republicans pick, and a former Republican congressman running as an
    Message 1 of 2 , May 11, 2006
      And it looks like it may be a three-way race, with
      Lampson the Democrat, whoever the Republicans pick,
      and a former Republican congressman running as an


      Ex-House member says he'll run again

      Aide says Stockman has signatures to be on ballot for
      DeLay's seat

      08:37 AM CDT on Thursday, May 11, 2006

      Associated Press

      HOUSTON – Former one-term Congressman Steve
      Stockman, known more for his outrageous statements
      than legislation, has collected enough voter
      signatures to run as an independent candidate in the
      race to replace former House Majority Leader Tom
      DeLay, his spokesman said Wednesday.

      Mr. Stockman has collected more than the 500
      signatures needed from registered voters to be on the
      November ballot, said spokesman Jason Posey.

      "We are continuing to collect them to show the
      grass-roots effort that Steve has for this office," he

      But Mr. Posey said he didn't immediately know how many
      total signatures the campaign had gathered and
      initially told The Associated Press on Wednesday that
      the deadline was still a month away.

      Mr. Stockman's campaign planned to turn in the
      signatures by the state's deadline of today.

      Secretary of State Roger Williams' office still has to
      verify the signatures, which will take five to six
      weeks, said spokesman Scott Haywood.

      Mr. DeLay, R-Sugar Land, embroiled in the scandal
      surrounding corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff and facing
      a money-laundering trial in Austin, announced last
      month that he would resign by mid-June.

      Former U.S. Rep. Nick Lampson, who replaced Mr.
      Stockman in Congress, is the Democratic nominee.
      Precinct chairmen from the four counties that make up
      the 22nd Congressional District will select a
      Republican nominee once Mr. DeLay resigns.

      Mr. Stockman won election during the 1994 Republican
      sweep of state offices, defeating 21-term incumbent
      Jack Brooks, D-Beaumont.

      During his term, Mr. Stockman accused the government
      of "executing" members of the Branch Davidian cult
      after the 1993 standoff at Waco. And he claimed to
      have received a fax from a militia supporter that
      seemingly foretold the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.
      The fax actually was sent after the bombing.

      He also called President Bill Clinton "an

      Mr. Lampson defeated Mr. Stockman in 1996.

      Mr. Stockman twice sought and lost the GOP nomination
      for the Texas Railroad Commission, which regulates oil
      and gas industries.

      --- Ram Lau <ramlau@...> wrote:

      > DeLay sets June 9 resignation
      > Thu May 11, 2006 5:56 PM ET
      > WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas said
      > on Thursday he
      > would formally resign his seat in Congress effective
      > June 9, clearing
      > the way for another Republican to take his spot on
      > the November
      > election ballot.
      > DeLay, the former Republican House leader and once
      > one of the most
      > powerful politicians in Washington, announced last
      > month he would step
      > down from Congress after becoming embroiled in the
      > scandal involving
      > lobbyist Jack Abramoff.
      > "I have recently made the decision to pursue new
      > opportunities to
      > engage in the important cultural and political
      > battles of our day from
      > an arena outside the U.S. House of Representatives,"
      > Delay said
      > Thursday in a letter to House Speaker Dennis
      > Hastert.
      > DeLay said last month he would step aside to give
      > the party a better
      > shot at holding his House seat in Texas. Seven
      > Republicans are vying
      > for the right to replace DeLay in the November race
      > against Democrat
      > Nick Lampson.
      > The contenders interviewed over the weekend with
      > local party leaders
      > in DeLay's home district. The local leaders will
      > pick the new
      > candidate, probably sometime in June, in a race
      > considered potentially
      > one of the most competitive in the country.
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