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Presidential rankings

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    Can anyone recommend any books ranking the Presidents, besides Presidential Leadership? Thanks, Tom ...
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      Can anyone recommend any books ranking the Presidents,
      besides "Presidential Leadership?"


      --- Greg Cannon <gregcannon1@...> wrote:

      > DP World Unveils Port Operation Sale Plans
      > By TED BRIDIS, Associated Press Writers 18 minutes
      > ago
      > WASHINGTON - A Dubai-owned company said Wednesday it
      > plans to sell all its U.S. port operations within
      > four
      > to six months to an unrelated American buyer and
      > laid
      > out new details about how it plans to pursue the
      > sale
      > under pressure from Congress.
      > DP World said that until the sale is finalized, its
      > U.S. businesses will be operated independently. The
      > announcement was the first time DP World described
      > its
      > plans for the U.S. operations as a "sale" and
      > indicated it would retain no stake in them.
      > "An expedited sale process is under way and with the
      > cooperation of the port authorities and joint
      > venture
      > partners, it is expected that a sale can be agreed
      > within four to six months," the company said in a
      > statement.
      > DP World said it will provide information about its
      > business to "interested parties," which it did not
      > identify, and said it will assess offers based on
      > what
      > it described as "value, deliverability and the
      > continuity of management, employees and customers."
      > The new disclosures by DP World responded to
      > questions
      > raised since its announcement last week about how it
      > intends to transfer to an unspecified American
      > company
      > all the U.S. operations it acquired when it bought
      > London-based Peninsular and Oriental Steam
      > Navigation
      > Co. for $6.8 billion.
      > The British company handles significant operations
      > at
      > ports in New Jersey, New York, Baltimore, New
      > Orleans,
      > Miami and Philadelphia — plus lesser dockside
      > activities at 16 other ports in this country.
      > DP World has said those U.S. operations are worth
      > roughly $700 million.
      > "This is the first time we have gotten clarification
      > that the intent is for full divestiture," said Sen.
      > Charles Schumer (news, bio, voting record), D-N.Y.
      > "While I still have to look at the details, it looks
      > now like they have fleshed this out in far greater
      > detail," said Schumer, who said he was assured "the
      > process be open and fair and quick."
      > "That is very good news. That's what we have been
      > seeking from the beginning," he said.
      > At the White House, moments before DP World's
      > announcement, spokesman Scott McClellan said company
      > executives had earlier promised to transfer their
      > U.S.
      > businesses, "and it's important that they fulfill
      > the
      > commitment that was made."
      > "They have expressed that they are fully committed
      > to
      > doing so, and the Treasury Department said that they
      > would work with them on implementing that decision,"
      > McClellan said.
      > DP World said until the sale is complete, its U.S.
      > operations will be managed independently by P&O
      > Ports
      > North America Inc., the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary
      > of the British company it bought.
      > Since DP World's announcement last week, Republicans
      > and Democrats alike in Congress have questioned
      > whether the company planned a full divestiture or
      > whether it would retain some stake in the U.S.
      > operations.
      > DP World said previously that its decision last week
      > was based on an understanding it would be given time
      > for an orderly transfer and that DP World will not
      > suffer economic loss.
      > But until Wednesday, it had steadfastly declined to
      > clarify its statement or the timing of any possible
      > sale. Leading congressional critics threatened
      > repeatedly to intervene if DP World's plans fell
      > short
      > of a full divestiture of its U.S. operations.
      > DP World said Wednesday it hired Deutsche Bank
      > Securities Inc. of New York as its financial adviser
      > for the sale. It also hired a prominent New York law
      > firm, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, for legal advice and
      > said it will continue relying on the Alston & Bird
      > LLP
      > law and lobbying firm in Washington for help with
      > U.S.
      > regulatory issues.
      > President Bush had strongly defended the ports deal,
      > saying the United Arab Emirates is a valuable ally
      > in
      > the fight against terrorism.
      > Many lawmakers, both Republicans and Democrats,
      > pointed to the UAE's role as an operational and
      > financial base for hijackers in the attacks on Sept.
      > 11, 2001, and said they opposed allowing a company
      > owned by a foreign government to run operations at
      > ports vulnerable to terrorist attacks.
      > Questions about the divestiture intensified during
      > the
      > weekend, when Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said
      > DP World could be permitted to operate and manage
      > some
      > U.S. ports if no suitable American buyer were found
      > and if the Bush administration determined there were
      > no security risks.
      > But Sen. John Warner (news, bio, voting record),
      > chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said
      > during
      > the weekend, "the deal is over" and said the
      > company's
      > intent "looks like in every respect a total
      > divestiture."
      > Warner, R-Va., has acted as an important go-between
      > for DP World and the administration. He previously
      > announced the company's offer to submit to an
      > unusual,
      > broader security review over the deal and then last
      > week, in the full Senate, announced its decision to
      > transfer its U.S. operations.
      > DP World previously agreed it will not control or
      > manage any of the U.S. port operations it acquired
      > until May 1 or until the outcome of the unusual,
      > broader security investigation into the ports deal
      > by
      > the Bush administration.
      > That review is pending.
      > ___
      > Associated Press writer Liz Sidoti contributed to
      > this
      > story from Washington.
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