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O'connor warns of dictatorship

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    It was reported that she used the word dictatorship twice in her speech. From NPR.org: Newly retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O Connor took on
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 10, 2006
      It was reported that she used the word "dictatorship"
      twice in her speech. From NPR.org:

      Newly retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day
      O'Connor took on conservative Republican critics of
      the courts in a speech Thursday. She told an audience
      at Georgetown University that Republican proposals,
      and their sometimes uncivil tone, pose a danger to the
      independence of the judiciary, and the freedoms of all


      --- Greg Cannon <gregcannon1@...> wrote:

      > Rumsfeld's claim that there hasn't ever been a
      > "popular war" seems silly to me. The
      > Spanish-American
      > War was fairly popular, certainly more popular than
      > other wars we've fought. The invasion of Afghanistan
      > was also fairly popular, and a lot more recent.
      > http://hnn.us/roundup/entries/22729.html
      > Rumsfeld blames Bush low ratings on the failures of
      > our history teachers
      > Source: Huffington Post (blog) (3-9-06)
      > According to a blog post by Arianna Huffington,
      > Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld believes that
      > the
      > ignorance of history is of grave concern:
      > "I think the biggest problem we've got in the
      > country
      > is people don't study history anymore. People who go
      > to school in high schools and colleges, they tend to
      > study current events and call it history... There
      > are
      > just too darn few people in our country who study
      > history enough."
      > "There's never been a popular war. You can't name a
      > popular war. There isn't such a thing."
      > "George Washington was almost fired."
      > "The Civil War was the ugliest thing -- carnage.
      > 10,000, 15,000 people killed in a battle."
      > "Same thing in World War II... Franklin Roosevelt
      > was
      > one of the most hated people in the country and he
      > was
      > President of the United States. He was
      > Commander-in-Chief. He did a terrific job."
      > Posted on Friday, March 10, 2006 at 12:38 PM
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