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Re: [prezveepsenator] White House calls for investigation of border standoff

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    Did anyone read about this in any of the major news outlets last week? Ex-EPA Chiefs Blame Bush in Global Warming By JOHN HEILPRIN, Associated Press Writer Thu
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 26, 2006
      Did anyone read about this in any of the major news
      outlets last week?

      Ex-EPA Chiefs Blame Bush in Global Warming

      By JOHN HEILPRIN, Associated Press Writer Thu Jan 19,
      7:20 PM ET

      WASHINGTON - The U.S. is failing to take the lead in
      confronting global warming, a "dishonest" and
      "self-destructive" approach that only worsens the
      problem, say former federal environmental chiefs

      "We need leadership, and I don't think we're getting
      it," Russell Train said Wednesday at an
      Environmental Protection Agency symposium
      commemorating the agency's 35th anniversary.

      Added Bill Ruckelshaus: "I don't think there's a
      commitment in this administration."

      They were among six former EPA heads — five
      Republicans and one Democrat — who accused the Bush
      administrations of neglecting global warming and other
      environmental problems.

      Train said slowing the growth of "greenhouse" gases
      isn't enough.

      "To sit back and just push it away and say we'll deal
      with it sometime down the road is dishonest to the
      people and self-destructive" said Train, who succeeded
      Ruckelshaus in the Nixon and Ford administrations.
      Ruckelshaus was the first EPA chief.

      All of the former administrators and the current one,
      Stephen Johnson, raised their hands when the event
      moderator asked whether they believe global warming is
      a real problem and again when he asked if humans bear
      significant blame.

      Johnson said the Bush administration has spent $20
      billion on research and technology to combat climate
      change after
      President Bush rejected mandatory controls on carbon
      dioxide. That's the chief gas blamed for trapping heat
      in the atmosphere like a greenhouse.

      Bush has kept the United States out of the Kyoto
      international treaty to reduce greenhouse gases,
      saying the pact would harm the U.S. economy. Many of
      the accord's terms were negotiated by the Clinton
      administration but it was never ratified by the

      "I know from the president on down, he is committed,"
      Johnson said. "And certainly his charge to me was, and
      certainly our team has heard it: 'I want you to
      accelerate the pace of environmental protection. I
      want you to maintain our economic competitiveness.'
      And I think that's really what it's all about."

      But Lee Thomas, Ruckelshaus' successor in the Reagan
      administration, said "if the United States doesn't
      deal with those kinds of issues in a leadership role,
      they're not going to get dealt with. So I'm very
      concerned about this country and this agency."

      Bill Reilly, the EPA administrator under the first
      President Bush, said, "The time will come when we will
      address seriously the problem of climate change, and
      this is the agency that's best equipped to anticipate

      Christie Whitman, the first of three EPA
      administrators in the current Bush administration,
      said people obviously are having "an enormous impact"
      on the earth's warming.

      "You'd need to be in a hole somewhere to think that
      the amount of change that we have imposed on land, and
      the way we've handled deforestation, farming
      practices, development, and what we're putting into
      the air, isn't exacerbating what is probably a natural
      trend," she said. "But this is worse, and it's getting

      Carol Browner, who was
      President Clinton's EPA administrator, said the White
      House and the Congress should push legislation to
      establish a carbon trading program based on a 1990
      pollution trading program that helped reduce acid

      "If we wait for every single scientist who has a
      thought on the issue of climate change to agree, we
      will never do anything," she said.

      Three former administrators did not attend Wednesday's
      Mike Leavitt, the current health and human services
      secretary; Doug Costle, who was in the Carter
      administration; and Anne Burford, a Reagan appointee
      who died last year.


      On the Net:

      Environmental Protection Agency: http://www.epa.gov

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      In this handout photo released by the Environmental
      Protection Agency, current EPA chief, Stephen Johnson,
      with michrophone, fourth from left, is joined by
      former administrators, from left, Gov. Christine Todd
      Whitman, Russell Train, Bill Ruckelshaus, Lee Thomas,
      Carol Browner and Bill Reilly Wednesday, Jan. 18,
      2006, in Washington. Six former heads of the
      Environmental Protection Agency accused the Bush
      administration Wednesday of neglecting global warming
      and other environmental problems. (AP Photo/EPA, Eric
      Vance, HO)
      AP Photo: In this handout photo released by the
      Environmental Protection Agency, current EPA chief,
      Stephen Johnson,...

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      > White House calls for investigation of border
      > standoff
      > The border standoff between U.S. officials and armed
      > drug smugglers dressed like members of the Mexican
      > military that took place in Sierra Blanca on Monday
      > has risen to the national level, with the White
      > House
      > and members of Congress calling for investigations.
      > At a White House briefing on Wednesday, Press
      > Secretary Scott McClellan said the incident is under
      > investigation by the Department of Homeland
      > Security's
      > Customs and Border Protection Agency. “And we've
      > also
      > been in contact with the government of Mexico, and
      > asked for a thorough investigation and response from
      > Mexico.”
      > U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-El Paso, supported the
      > U.S. investigation, calling it something “you have
      > to
      > have.”
      > Jake Rollow may be reached at
      > jrollow@...;
      > 546-6137.
      > Read the full story in tomorrow's El Paso Times.
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