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Mixed reaction in DeLay's hometown

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  • Greg Cannon
    http://www.khou.com/news/local/politics/stories/khou050929_ac_delayreaction.a75971c4.html Mixed reaction in DeLay s hometown 06:47 PM CDT on Thursday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2005

      Mixed reaction in DeLay's hometown

      06:47 PM CDT on Thursday, September 29, 2005

      By Doug Miller / 11 News

      A Texas judge has ordered Congressman Tom DeLay to
      appear in court Oct. 21 to face the charge he
      conspired to funnel corporate money to state political

      11 News reporter Doug Miller has tracked down a new
      survey indicating a growing number of his voters have
      growing concerns about the powerful congressman from
      Sugar Land.

      Cupcakes Cafe is popular among Sugar Land women, but
      when you ask women there what they think of their
      congressman, the reaction is mixed.

      “I like Tom DeLay,” said Sugar Land resident Carol
      Whitcher. “I think he’s a devout Christian, family

      “I think it’d be sad if he did what they said that he
      did,” said resident Carrie Freund. “I just don’t think
      that looks good for our community.”

      Tom DeLay has always had his staunch supporters.

      But it seems a growing number of his voters are
      unhappy with him.

      A SurveyUSA poll conducted the night he was indicted
      indicates 47 percent of his district’s voters approve
      of his performance and about 48 percent disapprove.

      The rest said they’re not sure.

      He is notably weak among women, where 42 percent
      approve and 52 percent disapprove.

      Now, a look at Republicans: 62 percent approve, but 34
      percent of surveyed voters in DeLay’s own party in his
      own district disapprove of his job performance.

      “Is the core of the Republican vote in that district
      having second thoughts? Clearly, it would probably be
      Anglo women, who have been probably a key part of that
      Republican majority,” said Bob Stein, KHOU political

      DeLay has leapt to his own defense, targeting voters
      with e-mails and automated phone calls like this one:

      “I will continue to represent you and fight for the
      interests of our community. You will soon receive a
      letter from me outlining what is happening and why.”

      DeLay’s congressional district is considered 55
      percent Republican. Nonetheless, it’s clear that a
      good many Republican voters there disapprove of his
      performance -- and that has Democrats thinking they
      just might have a shot at defeating DeLay in the next

      Running against DeLay is former Congressman Nick
      Lampson, who’s lying low and didn’t return calls for

      But the last Democrat to run against DeLay said he
      found voters already disillusioned.

      “And that was really the biggest issue,” said former
      Democratic candidate Richard Morrison. “He was out of
      touch. He was no longer a guy you could just walk up
      to and talk to.”

      Now it seems DeLay must fight his case not just in
      court ... but also in his own district.

      Text from DeLay's e-mail

      As you probably know, the very partisan Travis County
      D.A. recently manufactured an indictment against me
      that is based on charges from the 2002 Texas State
      House elections.

      These charges are groundless and false. I am
      completely innocent.

      Just as Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and other public
      officials have defeated similar attacks from this
      D.A., I will prove his allegations are baseless and
      without merit.

      Despite this partisan distraction, I will continue to
      represent you and fight for the interests of our

      The link below is to a brief legal analysis as well as
      some quotes from other sources about what is happening
      and why. http://www.tomdelay.com/facts.html

      Legal Analysis

      Ronnie Earle One Pager

      What Others Have Said About Ronnie Earle

      I hope you’ll take a moment now to read them or visit
      my Website for even more background.

      Thank you and I look forward to keeping you up to

      Sincerely, Tom DeLay

      Paid for by Tom DeLay Congressional Committee.
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