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979Re: [prezveepsenator] Re: Ohio governor charged with four misdemeanors

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    Aug 17, 2005
      Obesity aside, he still outlived his 3 opponents from
      1912. Secretary of State (and chief vote rigger)
      Kenneth Blackwell has his eye on Bob's job.. Might see
      Paul Hackett run for Secretary of State.

      --- Ram Lau <ramlau@...> wrote:

      This is just one of the many reasons that explain his
      19% approval
      rating. Rather sad to see the way the "Taft dynasty"
      died on Bob
      Taft's watch (in infamy).

      His great-grandfather William Howard Taft, once stuck
      in the White
      House bathtub, is probably rolling in his grave?


      --- In prezveepsenator@yahoogroups.com, Greg Cannon
      > Ohio gov. charged with criminal misdemeanors
      > Wed Aug 17, 2005 6:09 PM ET
      > COLUMBUS, Ohio (Reuters) - Prosecutors in Ohio
      > Gov. Bob Taft on Wednesday with four criminal
      > misdemeanor counts alleging violations of state
      > laws for not reporting golf games and other outings
      > paid for by others.
      > The charges marked the first time an Ohio governor
      > been charged with a crime while in office. A Taft
      > spokesman said the governor would not resign and
      > have a statement on Thursday.
      > The charges against the Republican governor also
      > marked another step in a still-unfolding scandal
      > dubbed "Coingate" that involves $13 million in
      > state funds and a top Ohio Republican fund-raiser.
      > Stephen McIntosh, chief prosecutor for the Columbus
      > city attorney, said most of the outings involved
      > but also included meals and tickets to see the
      > Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team.
      > The undeclared amounts totaled a little less than
      > $6,000, McIntosh said. The governor subsequently
      > notified state ethics commission officials about the
      > outings that had been omitted in previous filings of
      > yearly disclosure forms. McIntosh said the governor
      > required to report gifts or benefits of $75 or more.
      > Prosecutors were asking that Taft appear in court on
      > Thursday morning, though if he chooses to enter a
      > guilty plea only his lawyer would have to be
      > he said.
      > If found guilty, he faces fines of $1,000 and six
      > months in jail on each count, though jail time was
      > considered unlikely.
      > McIntosh said the probe of Taft grew out of an
      > investigation into fund-raiser Tom Noe and the
      > Bureau of Workers Compensation.
      > Last month, Taft's former chief of staff was found
      > guilty of violating ethics laws by not disclosing
      > gifts from Noe, who is at the heart of the Coingate
      > scandal.
      > Noe was a rare coin dealer who allegedly mismanaged
      > $50 million state investment in rare coins. Noe's
      > attorney has said $13 million was missing from the
      > investment made for Ohio's Bureau of Worker's
      > Compensation, a $15 billion fund that makes payments
      > to disabled workers.
      > Gov. Taft's father and grandfather both served in
      > U.S. Senate and his great-grandfather, William
      > Taft, was the 27th U.S. president, as well as chief
      > justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.


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