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935Niebuhr-Humphrey Correspondence

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  • Ram Lau
    Jul 31, 2005


      December 9, 1968

      Dear Reinhold:

      I am grateful for your warm note about the

      Although it is not easy to lose, I do have
      the satisfaction of the feeling that the cam-
      paign may have done the country's mood some good.

      I am grateful, as always, for your thought-
      fullness and support.

      Hubert H.
      Hubert H. Humphrey

      Dr. Reinhold Niebuhr
      Yale Hill
      Stockbridge, Massachusetts

      November 18, 1968

      Dear Hubert:

      As one of your many friends who were worried about
      your involvement in the Vietnam issue and were afraid that
      the matter hurt your chances for the Presidency, I want to
      give you this special letter of congratulations on the
      gallant fight you made against heavy odds which almost but
      not quite won the election. You narrowed the gap in the
      various polls, and now President-elect Nixon has won the
      electoral college by a miniscule majority. This is as
      Jesse Unruh declared; this is the most tremendous personal
      triumph. I hope it will console you although the fact of
      losing this great office by such a narrow margin cannot
      offer sufficient consolation.

      Meanwhile we are under the Presidency of Mr. Nixon
      whom nobody quite trusts, and I only hope as patriot that
      it may not be as bad as we feel that it may be. Incidentally,
      I was particularly struck by the 90% vote that you had from
      the ghettos of the various cities. This was among your many
      triumphs the greatest triumph. We are all so sorry that we
      will not have your leadership in the next four years.
      Politics is a strange game but the vicissitudes of politics
      cannot obscure the admiration and affectation which many of
      your friends, and indeed many of the citizens of our country,
      have for you.

      Affectionately yours,
      Reinhold Niebuhr

      Vice-President Hubert Humphrey

      Reinhold Niebuhr Papers: Library of Congress, Manuscript Reading Room