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785Maryland Senator Falls Ill at Funeral

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  • Greg Cannon
    May 16, 2005

      Maryland Senator Falls Ill at Funeral

      Monday May 16, 2005 7:31 PM

      NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - Sen. Paul Sarbanes of Maryland
      fainted Monday while attending a funeral for former
      Rep. Peter W. Rodino Jr., a colleague during the
      Watergate investigation.

      Sarbanes, a 72-year-old Democrat, briefly passed out
      toward the end of the service, and had to be helped
      from the church by first-aid workers.

      ``He had been standing for a while. He felt faint, he
      sat down, and had a brief fainting spell,'' his
      spokesman, Jesse Jacobs, said from Washington about an
      hour after the incident. ``We just got off the phone
      with him. He's alert and joking.''

      Sarbanes was transported to University Hospital. The
      hospital had no immediate word on his condition.

      Sarbanes, who is in his fifth term, is Maryland's
      longest-serving U.S. senator.

      He serves on the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban
      Affairs Committee, and is best known in recent years
      for helping write the Sarbanes-Oxley act which cracked
      down on corporate crime.

      In 1970, he was elected to the House of
      Representatives, the first of three terms before
      moving on to the Senate. In 1974, Sarbanes was
      selected by his Democratic colleagues on the House
      Watergate Committee to introduce the first Article of
      Impeachment, for obstruction of justice, against
      President Nixon.

      Rodino died May 7 of congestive heart failure. He was