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770Bush: U.S. ready to help in Georgia's separatist conflicts

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  • Greg Cannon
    May 10, 2005
      This seems to me like a possibly foolish promise. When
      I read about Georgia's seperatist conflicts, they seem
      as unsolvable as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
      often seems. And anything the U.S. does in regard to
      the Georgian conflict will likely enrage the Russian
      government, though I doubt Bush really cares about
      that. What do you all think? (I'm mainly asking the
      people on the Central_Asia_Now list, but of course I'd
      like to hear responses from people on the other lists
      I send this to).


      US ready to help in Georgia's separatist conflicts -

      TBILISI, Georgia, May 10, 2005 (AFX-UK via COMTEX) --

      The US is ready to help Georgia resolve its separatist
      conflicts on the mountainous border with Russia, US
      president George Bush said, speaking from the Georgian
      capital Tbilisi.

      Georgia "can solve them peacefully with our help,"
      Bush told journalists, following talks with President
      Mikhail Saakashvili.

      Bush said: "The United States cannot impose a
      solution, nor would you want us to, but what we can do
      is work with international bodies, work with the UN
      for example... But this is an issue that will be
      resolved by the duly elected government of Georgia and
      the folks in the separatist regions," the US president

      Bush and Saakashvili had earlier discussed the
      long-running conflicts between Georgia and
      Russian-linked separatists in the Abkhazia and South
      Ossetia regions.

      Bush's visit to the ex-Soviet republic is the first by
      a US president.