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755OT: Blair still best choice for PM, say voters

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  • Ram Lau
    May 1, 2005
      Blair still best choice for PM, say voters

      Labour holds a three-point lead over the Conservatives, according to a
      new poll.

      The YouGov poll for the Daily Telegraph has Labour on 36 per cent,
      with the Tories on 33 and the Liberal Democrats on 24.

      In terms of who would make the best premier, 37 per cent of
      respondents opted for Tony Blair, roughly a quarter (24 per cent)
      chose Michael Howard and 18 per cent backed Charles Kennedy.

      YouGov asked 1,309 online voters across the UK between April 29th and
      May 1st.

      Should the survey reflect results at the election, Labour would win a
      third term office with a majority of 92 seats, down on its current
      number of 161.

      Ahead of Thursday's vote, Labour starts the week focussing on 100
      marginal constituencies where opposition parties may take advantage of
      low voter turnout and simmering anti-Iraq war sentiment.

      The party is concerned the Lib Dems - who have shown consistent
      opposition to the 2003 Iraq war - could win seats and slim Labour's
      majority in the Commons.

      Mr Kennedy yesterday blasted Mr Blair's "failed premiership" and
      described the prime minister as a "lame duck" leader.

      Mr Blair warned yesterday that Lib Dem voters could not hand Mr
      Kennedy the keys to Downing Street they could let the Tories in.

      The poll comes after the Sunday Times published a top secret
      memorandum showing Mr Blair mooted the possibility of regime change as
      early as July 2002 with Cabinet ministers, prompting the leader to
      make yet another intervention over the rationale for the US-led war.

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