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73Re: Julian Bond on the Presidents

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  • Ram Lau
    Jul 17, 2004
      I don't believe the assassin (what's his name again?) would have
      done it to anyone else. He just hated Garfield for being too
      reformist-minded and didn't give him a job offer.

      Grant, Sherman, Blaine, or any Republican would have won the 1880
      election because Hayes did a decent job for the next Republican to
      finish his second term for him.

      Regarding the VP, none of the names you mentioned would have taken
      the choice (Arthur) of the bully Conkling. But Garfield, being the
      more obscure figure, lacked the power to say no.

      Who knows what these other guys would have chosen, only losers
      wanted to be the Veep back then.

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