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641Re: Books That Have Changed My Life

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  • greg
    Mar 17, 2005
      I remember hearing once there's quite a bit of uranium on the moon,
      but I don't have a source to back that up, and there doesn't seem to
      be a great lack of uranium around here.

      I can see Ben Franklin enjoying a visit to the moon. He seemed to like
      to travel and to experience new things.
      --- In prezveepsenator@yahoogroups.com, "Ram Lau" <ramlau@y...> wrote:
      > > long before two colonies on the moon are competing for room or for
      > > natural resources of some sort, and then start fighting each other?
      > We haven't really found anything useful on the moon... or have we? And
      > which founding father would be most likely to be the one who goes to
      > the moon to pay a visit? Ben Franklin again?
      > Ram
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