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  • tonymaloley
    Mar 16, 2005
      It is only logical to look at why the crazies want to kill
      Americans. It hurts a lot of people's feelings to hear this stuff,
      but Osama didn't just pull our name out of a hat. The crazies don't
      want any infidel encroaching on their sovereignty/land/wasteland or
      their religion or homes or their lives. I hate to admit it, but the
      bombs that used to blow up civilians in the west bank and in Lebanon
      not too long ago do really say "made in USA." I criticize bombings,
      but that reminds me, it has been a while, so I guess I appreciate
      Israel's progress in the field of diplomacy.

      On to Lebanon. Does anyone else think it looks a bit strange for the
      UN or Nato or whoever to all of a sudden consider freedom for Lebanon
      to be a huge priority? Wasn't it around 1982 that the crazies bombed
      the marine barracks, and we pulled the hell out of there? Before
      this year, have you heard any American who wasn't Lebanese indicate
      that they ever gave a rat's ass about Lebanon, for over 20 years? I
      guess it's better late than never. I'm skeptical about the
      gloriousness of Lebanon's new era, though.

      PS I'm half Lebanese. Maybe I'm a little sensitive to this stuff.
      All the angry young men that used to throw rocks at soldiers, and get
      themselves shot, well, I think it means more to an American when the
      people getting shot year in, year out, look like their cousins,
      instead of seeing them as just the kind of people who drive the taxis
      and talk funny with rags on their heads.

      - Tony

      --- In prezveepsenator@yahoogroups.com, "Jesse Gordon" <jesse@j...>

      > We use the pretext that "democracy is on the march" and blah blah
      > blah, but that doesn't change that our colonial subjects hate us as
      > much as Britain's subjects hated Orwell. (Britain DID democratize
      > their colonies, and "improve" them in all sorts of other ways, so
      > they could just as well have said that democracy was on the march).
      > That hatred is the single most important basis for al Qaeda's
      > existence, and hence the single largest cause of 9/11.
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