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636Re: Books That Have Changed My Life

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  • greg
    Mar 15, 2005
      I guess it depends on how long the U.S. remains a superpower. We seem
      to be declining economically, and eventually we might be overtaken in
      that regard by China, India, and the EU. Or maybe not, who knows? Our
      military is still very large, well-trained, with all the latest
      technological gadgets and isn't likely to be overtaken by anyone
      anytime soon, but it now has a problem finding enough recruits.

      I'm not sure we really are running the world as much as it appears we
      are, or as much we would like to be. But we are trying, for sure.

      About outer space- well, I should admit I'm a big Star Trek fan and
      thus have romantic notions about space exploration. But I imagine in
      the next century or two colonies will be built on the moon and Mars.
      To do much more than that would probably require incredible
      technological advances. Population is growing very fast and some
      countries are running out of room, so starting a colony on another
      planet might seem like a good solution. And in the very long run, when
      the sun dies it'll probably take the Earth with it, so it might be a
      good idea to colonize other places before then.

      I remember last year the president of India was suggesting that India
      and the U.S. build a joint colony, on either the moon or Mars, I
      forget which. I don't remember if he got a reply. If and when we do
      start colonizing, will it happen in the same way that the Europeans
      colonized the Americas? There won't be any natives to fight, but how
      long before two colonies on the moon are competing for room or for
      natural resources of some sort, and then start fighting each other? Or
      rebel against their parent country back on Earth? What do you all think?

      --- In prezveepsenator@yahoogroups.com, "Ram Lau" <ramlau@y...> wrote:
      > I can't help but wonder what the next superpower will do. Oil will be
      > a lesser issue since we are running out in the whole world anyway. Are
      > we talking about outer space yet? It will be interesting to see what
      > kind of role the next hegemony will play.
      > Ram
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