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632Re: Books That Have Changed My Life

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  • Ram Lau
    Mar 13, 2005
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      > Wow, you guys read?
      > Damn I'm funny.

      Sadly enough, I agree.

      > Anyway, nice piece, Ram. I didn't know you were from Hong Kong.
      > Welcome to America, 8 years late.

      Thanks Tony. Actually it's been just about 5 years. I didn't come
      until the Gore machine destroyed Bill Bradley and the Bush machine
      destroyed John McCain.

      > Ram made a good point about the doublethink. It's scary.

      Jon Stewart once jokingly suggested that it's the "political Bible"
      of the Bush adminstration. I'm not surprised.

      > Did anyone else read Orwell's short story about shooting an
      > elephant? He once lived in India. I don't know if it had any big
      > symbolic value, it's just an interesting story.

      I did the same thing that Greg did. Will read it later.

      > Now that I'm thinking about books, the perverse little society in
      > Lord Of The Flies always seemed very plausible to me. People are
      > capable of some sick sh**.

      When I get pessimistic about what the world of the next generation
      will look like, I always think about the 48-9% minority who rejected
      Bush last year. There is always some hope.

      > And what's with Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn and all the 'postr'phes's?

      I was just saying that Tom Sawyer and Robin Hood deserve at least an
      honorable mention. Done. Huck Finn caused some controversy lately,
      by the way.

      > Paine would read like the constitution, so I want to see if they
      > have "Thomas Paine For Dummies." If they do, I'll give it to

      Both Reason and Liars are very easy to read. Sure Reason isn't a
      laugh-out-loud type, but it's definitely one of the most thought-
      provoking masterpieces ever written in human history.

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