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49Re: Last Sec of State winning a party nomination

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  • greg
    Jul 8 6:21 AM
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      Yesterday a former Republican senator from New York, Alfonse D'Amato,
      was saying Bush ought to pick Powell this year.

      He said, "Let me note that Vice President Cheney is a decent,
      honorable, and patriotic American, a man of great intellect, who has
      served the president and the nation with dedication. But we should
      make no mistake, we are a nation at war with a vicious terrorist foe,
      and in war hard decisions must be made. As an observer of politics, I
      believe the president can guarantee his essential re-election by
      looking to several other notable individuals who would add a great
      dimension to his ticket as a running mate. [Colin Powell] would help
      galvanize the nation and offer a truly historic opportunity for
      American unity and pride. Instead of millions of African-Americans
      having their votes taken for granted or just saying, 'Republicans
      don't care about us, they don't reach out to us,' this would send an
      incredible signal. It would turn many of the battle states into
      tremendous wins for Republicans... [John McCain is] a genuine American
      hero who would also help bridge the political divide in our nation and
      assure the president's re-election by a wide margin."

      --- In prezveepsenator@yahoogroups.com, "Ram Lau" <ramlau@y...> wrote:
      > The title was like a prerequisite credential for someone trying to
      > become the President. The Quincy-Clay episode is an epitome.
      > But who was the last SOS who successfully won a party nomination for
      > President? I still wisfully want to see Powell run.
      > Ram
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