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410Re: 500 write-in candidates in 2008

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  • Ram Lau
    Nov 15, 2004
      > I think he's a Democrat, (has complained that his taxes are too
      > low!) but I think he has enough money to cloud that issue, and

      His effective tax rate is like 3% when the middle-class including
      his secretary is paying like 30% or more. That's why he whined about
      how unfair the tax system is. Sure, he's a Democrat (probably
      because of his little sense of fairness).

      If he's to run for something, I hope he will run for Senate. Kinda
      like Corzine buying out a Senate seat. It will be very interesting
      to see him working with Al Franken and Jerry Springer, if they all
      run and win in 06 and 08.

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