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405On Values

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  • Ram Lau
    Nov 11, 2004
      Maher: This electorate has switched because that Christian right has
      taken over the Republican Party. They started it in the '80s with
      Reagan and Pat Robertson. And like a parasite on a host, they now
      own it. And I want to ask this question because it's at the heart of
      this, which is – okay, you say whatever percentage voted for "moral
      values." Let's examine what "moral values" are. Because I don't
      think religion always corresponds with moral values. To me – and
      they're very good at conflating morality with religion, just the way
      George Bush won election by conflating integrity with monogamy. He
      ran against Bill Clinton and his terrible blowjob by saying, "I have
      integrity. That's different than monogamy. Okay, the same way, when
      we talk about values, I think of rationality in solving problems.
      That's something I value. Fairness, kindness, generosity, tolerance.
      That's different. When they talk about values, they're talking about
      things like going to church, voting for Bush, being loyal to Jesus,
      hating the gays, praying. These are not values.

      Hughley: But you can lie to people. You can lie to people. This
      administration in particular feels like it can lie to people if
      they're doing it for their own good. It is amazing to me that
      conservatives are against abortion but for the death penalty and for
      war. Like "we want the baby to grow up and then we can kill it."
      That's amazing to me.